Best House Painting Color Ideas for a Dark Room
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Best House Painting Color Ideas for a Dark Room

Your bathroom is not well light, your kids complain of eye strain due to low light in their study room. Things are getting out of hand, but house painting could be your ultimate lifesaver.

Yes! Use the magic of paint to light up your dark spots and bring life back to your space.

Yellow the Place

Yellow brings a sunny feeling into a dark room, making the whole place as bright as unimaginable before. Pair yellow with other bright colors and see your dark rooms glowing at just the strike of natural light.


If you have small windows that are barring natural light from entering and dominating your living room, you want to try brown before crying any further.  When done right with other shades of bright colors, Brown creates a powerful effect on a room with an inadequate reach of natural light.

Dark rooms tend to be cold even during daytime, and brown doubles up to add a warmer feeling while enhancing light supply.

Light Blue

Blue is a great neutral color that blends in with existing furniture and adds a lightful feeling with extended beauty.  Blue is also known to give a peaceful and soothing feeling to a place with less natural light. With slightly more saturated shades of blue on the base and light finishes on top of walls, you can achieve a dramatic, bold lighting scheme.


You can achieve a modern interior look without employing the intense, vibrant colors using a minimalistic color like pink.

Pink is an excellent color for brightening up a dark space and does not require special finishes to fit your existing décor aesthetically.  What is more is that pink suits almost every room in your house, not just the girls’ bathroom but the boys’ bedroom too.  Click here for more painting color ideas.

Best House Painting Color Ideas for a Dark Roome Painting Color Ideas for a Dark Room

Light Gray

Light gray with a bit of color at the base areas; like the floor can actually illuminate an otherwise dark room and give a live feeling to it.  However, avoid dark gray or bold gray at all costs since it may turn the place into cave-like.


Lavender is a popular interior color for homes and has enough shades to make a selection from. Whether for masculine or feminine purposes, lavender will rise to the occasion and give an excellent illumination to your dark rooms.

Avoid White at all Costs

It is presumed that painting a dark room white will make the room brighter, but that isn’t really the case if the room doesn’t have enough natural light. White is suitable for reflecting natural light, but it has nothing to reflect when there is no light in the space and thus not efficacious. Actually, the room might be darker.

Light it with Just Color

Now that you know the transformative power of paint to your dark rooms, you can leverage it to turn the otherwise dark spots into transformative relaxing points and workplaces.

When you want to embark on painting, you can choose to find one of the best Auckland’s Painters or go on your own as a DIY. Whichever way you choose, you know the best paint types to make a dark room feel brighter.